Maina Abbasi receives Appreciation letter from the mayor and representatives of the local population

Zafar Sharif – Mayor of Jaghuri district, speaking at the opening ceremony

School in Khatizak village

The Katib Cultural Association extends heartfelt congratulations to the residents of Khartizak village on the inauguration of their newly constructed educational institution, named the “Khartizak Co-Educational School,” which was officially unveiled on April 4, 2015.


Specification of the School

    • Building: Two-storey building with 12 classrooms, teacher’s rest room, kitchen, toilet etc.
    • Built in: 2013 – 2015
    • Located in: Khartizak Village, Jaghuri District, Ghazni Province, Afghanistan.
    • Donated by: Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Diaspora programe
    • Total price: 352,228.00 Danish Kroner DKK (4,304,641.80 Afghanis)
    • Applied by: Katib Culture Association in Denmark
    • Implemented by: Local partner in Khartizak Village
    • Administered by: Maina Abbasi (Katib Association Chairperson)
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School building in completed condition

The ground floor is close to completion

Nasrullah Yaqubi – the chairman of local partner in the front of school building

The foundation of the entire building is shown here

Zafar Sharif – mayor of Jaghori district during his time, lays the foundation stone of the school building

A school girl is laying the first foundation stone of the school building