The sketch of the Library that shows the whole ground of the building. (Katib media team will provide more images from the development phases of the building soon)

School in Khatizak village

The objective of this initiative is to establish a school library. The specific school is a girls’ high school located in Kakrak of Jeghatu in Ghazni province, Afghanistan. The absence of books and a library has long been a challenge for the knowledge-seeking residents of Kakrak. This library will be open to both males and females, ensuring widespread access for the community. Set upon a 300 m2 area within the school grounds, the library will have its main entrance from the western side. Alongside the main library area, equipped with bookshelves and open reading spaces, the plans include a librarian’s room, a management room, a conference room, and four restrooms. The library, situated on the ground floor, will benefit from eastern sunlight through its large windows, illuminating the main library space and the conference room. As the day progresses, sunlight will traverse the south or southwest, providing light to the library and the rooms. For safety, the library also incorporates an emergency exit to the north.

Specification of the Library

    • Building: One-storey building with study rooms, bookshalves, conference room etc.
    • Should be completed in: 2024
    • Located in: Kakrak village, Jaghatu – Ghazni Province, Afghanistan.
    • Donated by: Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Diaspora programe
    • Total price: 319.152,00 Danish Kroner DKK (3.771.415,53 Afghanis)
    • Applied by: Katib Culture Association in Denmark
    • Implemented by: Local partner in Kakrak village og Jeghatu, Ghazni
    • Administered by: Alisina Bashir (Vice Chairman of Katib Cultural Association)
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